Find Clarity on What Matters Most

Getting Clear on What Matters Most (Highest Priorities)

taught by Mike Merriam
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Mike  Merriam
Mike Merriam
Chief Evolutionary Officer

About the Instructor

Mike is the author of the #1 Best Selling book Closer Than You Think: Six Fundamental Questions to Ignite Your Personal Evolution, and is the Founder & CEO of Appreciative Intelligence Inc., where he leads organizations and communities to embed Appreciative Inquiry in ways that lead to enhanced conversations designed to facilitate a flourishing culture.

For individuals who desire more from life, Mike has distilled the essence of large system transformation down to the individual level, and is revolutionizing the personal growth and development industry. His Online Courses and Igniting Evolution Mastermind group are featured at

For organizations and communities, Mike facilitates whole-system, strengths-based, rapid change, through the use of Appreciative Inquiry summits and leadership training/consulting. He's been invited to work with some of the leading facilitators of this method, with clients that include The United Nations, The U.S. Department of the Navy, Clark, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Fairmont Minerals, Fathom Digital Marketing, Fortec Medical, The Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Initiative, and many more.

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan referred to Appreciative Inquiry as “the best large-group planning methodology in the world today.”

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Do you have clear priorities outlined? If I ask you right now what your top five priorities are, would you be able to concisely articulate them? Chances are, you may struggle with this at first. Even though we all think we know what we want in life, it can be a challenging task to clearly define the order of importance of our desires.

After all, that’s what priorities are. Things that are important for us to do or have. A thing, or things, that is regarded as more important than others. This is where having clarity on your desired outcomes and the ability to differentiate between the 80 percent of inconsequential noise in life from the 20 percent that drives results is paramount to your success.

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