AVID - The Daily Practice for Maintaining Motivation

The AVID Practice - Become the Attractor

Anchor, Visualize, Intentional Action, Debrief | taught by Mike Merriam
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Mike  Merriam
Mike Merriam
Chief Evolutionary Officer

About the Instructor

Mike is the author of the #1 Best Selling book Closer Than You Think: Six Fundamental Questions to Ignite Your Personal Evolution, and is the Founder & CEO of Appreciative Intelligence Inc., where he leads organizations and communities to embed Appreciative Inquiry in ways that lead to enhanced conversations designed to facilitate a flourishing culture.

For individuals who desire more from life, Mike has distilled the essence of large system transformation down to the individual level, and is revolutionizing the personal growth and development industry. His Online Courses and Igniting Evolution Mastermind group are featured at www.personalevolutionplan.com

For organizations and communities, Mike facilitates whole-system, strengths-based, rapid change, through the use of Appreciative Inquiry summits and leadership training/consulting. He's been invited to work with some of the leading facilitators of this method, with clients that include The United Nations, The U.S. Department of the Navy, Clark, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Fairmont Minerals, Fathom Digital Marketing, Fortec Medical, The Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Initiative, and many more.

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan referred to Appreciative Inquiry as “the best large-group planning methodology in the world today.”

To contact Mike, please visit www.mikemerriam.com or email mike@mikemerriam.com


It's easy to GET MOTIVATED. What's not so easy is STAYING MOTIVATED!

Learning the AVID process and using it as a daily practice will radically accelerate your capabilities to achieve your goals faster and easier.

Here's HOW and WHY it works - A.V.I.D = Anchor, Visualize, Intentionality, Debrief

ANCHORING is the process of evoking a desired state of mind. This state of mind is evoked by drawing from a past experience or experiences where you were at your best. Where you felt all of the feelings and emotions that you enjoy the most. Here's why this is important...remember, it's not THINGS that we actually want, it's FEELINGS. What I mean by this is that we never actually desire a thing, we desire the emotion that we feel when we get the thing. Anchoring allows you to bring those desired feelings top of mind, and put yourself in a mindset where you are at your very best.

Then we move on to VISUALIZING. The reason we visualize directly after anchoring is because when we do so, we are envisioning our futures while we're in a peak state of mind. Many people have difficulty with visualizations because they can't break the patterns of thought that prevent them from believing that they are truly capable of a transformative future. Visualizing your future immediately after anchoring works so well because the biggest hurdle to seeing an exponential version of yourself has been removed.

Now...once you've called up the very best of yourself and experienced those emotions that you desire most, through anchoring, and you've gone through the process of visualizing your desired future while in this peak state of mind, it's time for INTENTIONALITY. At this point, you'll insert some questions into your day. Questions are key because questions are fateful. As soon a powerful question is asked, you've put on a new lens by which you see the world. The better the question, the higher the magnification of this lens. Some examples of these questions are: What is most important for today? How might I unleash my positive core in everything I do today? What are three things I can do move closer to my vision today?. These are examples of what you might ask yourself, and answer in a journal.

Now as you go throughout your day, remember to act intentionally. Pay your attention to those people and things that bring you closer to what you want in the future. Be mindful of the emotions that you desire to feel, an d intentionally do things that cause you to feel them.

Finally, at night, it's time to DEBRIEF. Sit down with your journal and ask some more powerful questions about the day you just lived. Questions that allow you to put on the lens of Analyze, Adapt, Overcome. Some examples of these questions might be: What are some visions from today that I'm most proud of? What are three to five examples of how I deployed my positive core today? What is the most important lesson I learned today? What might I do better tomorrow?

In this course, I'll guide you through this process, and teach you exactly how to implement this life-changing practice into your daily routine.

As a Bonus:

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4 PDFs
1.0 hr